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RumBa at InterContinental Boston - Massachusetts
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Boston Life

RumBa Hotel Bar in Boston

Rum Bar at Boston, Massachusetts Hotel
Years ago, rum was New England's most prolific and profitable trade item and a popular choice among the locals - they say even Paul Revere stopped for a nip during his famous midnight ride. RumBa pays tribute to the legends and lore of the historic rum trade period in a sophisticated rum-themed cocktail bar serving an international collection of distilled rums, deliciously bold appetizers, and hip-moving mixes of popular Latin and Caribbean music.
Our private Scotch Lounge, discreetly hidden behind sliding mahogany doors, serves selections of scotch in an atmosphere inspired by the Moulin Rouge. Suspended above the U-shaped pewter bar is an impressive collection of vintage rums showcased on recessed shelves with back lighting to reflect its warm, inviting colors.

RumBa features two bars, a cut block mesquite wood floor, a Venetian plaster ceiling, a state-of-the-art Séura mirror, three plasma screen TVs and wireless internet. The cocktail tables in front of the clear glass fireplaces are fashioned from second-hand Louis Vuitton trunks, a cool contrast to the soft brown leather sofas with their exquisite blue fabric backs. 


To book a private event at RumBa or Scotch Lounge, please visit our Private Dining page and complete the form.

RumBa Menus*

*Menu items and prices are subject to change. 


RumBa History

Celebrating Boston's rich rum history, which established the region as a prominent economic force in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, our rum bar pays tribute to a by-gone era. Ironically, RumBa - which has nothing to do with the famous Latin dance "the Rumba" - is a Bostonian's classic pronunciation of "Rum Bar" (the ‘R' in ‘Bar' being silent). Rum Bar simply evolved to RumBa.
We are happy to announce that RumBa is a three star Certified Green Restaurant® for its green dining practices. 

Hours of Service

  • RumBa Rum & Scotch Bar: Everyday, 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 a.m.
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