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Katerina Shereen in Boston!
10:00 AM - 11:59 PM The Dance Complex
Date: September 08, 2018 to September 08, 2018
Where: The Dance Complex, 536 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States, 02139
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Event Type: Arts & Theater
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#39;s (Elton John,Quincey Jones, Sharon Stone, Rowan Atkinson to name a few), traveling as a performer to Paris, Milan, Dubai, Gambia and many other countries. After moving back to her hometown - Prague, she soon started traveling and teaching at international festivals all around the World. In course of the 15 years she has been teaching she developed a unique instructional method that is focused on cultural authenticity, conceptual approach and development of individual kills. Her focus as an instructor is to encourage freedom of expression of each student within the boundaries of correctly executed technique and cultural understanding. She is predominantly focused on Egyptian classical style and folklore, but her professional interest extends also to the Gulf region and Iraq. Katerina Shereen is the organizer of the SHRQ Symposium held in Prague, Czech Republic which was focused on a deeper, academic approach to the study of Middle Eastern dance and music within the oriental dance community.Video links:https://youtu.be/fVX4EqfftIQhttps://youtu.be/4TFmAGFVZUohttps://youtu.be/L1K1E1xY1Lwhttps://youtu.be/c3D3TUvgTvkhttps://youtu.be/ao3YOV0wnpYhttps://youtu.be/j7RgD-NJD3Y